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Turtle Rabbit physical_therapy_and_wellness PHYSICAL THERAPY AND WELLNESS

Turtle Rabbit & the Founder’s Roots

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Karuna combines physical therapy and physical awareness to heal patients’ faster.  Within her therapy, she incorporates manual therapy, scientific exercises, breath techniques, and mindful movement. She is able to unlock the body’s natural power to heal and enhance the body’s performance, recovering faster than standard physical therapy practices.

Recently, she was awarded as a 2013 TED MED Scholar for her work in the field.

Karuna is a registered physical therapist of 15 years with advanced certifications in lymphedema therapy and 830 cold laser therapy.  She is nationally performing frontline breakthroughs in integrative physical therapy.


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In addition to being a Senior Physical Therapist, Karuna teaches wellness classes at Turtle Rabbit, Creative Canopy for kids, and at various businesses in San Francisco. Her extensive background includes launching programs in the US and internationally for lymphedema, physical therapy for children and outpatient rehabilitation.

Karuna grew up in family oriented household, and was surrounded by her grandparents much of her life. Her paternal grandfather was an Ayurvedic Healer. He was well known for traveling to the jungle for rare plants to create remedies. Her maternal grandfather practiced yoga and meditation until he was 88 years old. He was able to do headstands even in his last year. She watched as he faithfully woke up at 4am everyday to do his practice. Her grandmother still reads the Bhagvad Gita every morning and goes for morning walks, at the age of 90.

Karuna’s parents have also been important role models in health. Madhu, her mom, still practices Bikram Yoga 5 days a week and meditates. Don, her father, is a 3rd degree black belt in martial arts.  She watched him most of his life practice martial arts, and even was a martial arts student herself when she was a child.

Karuna enjoys going to the movies, spending time with friends, and having good San Francisco food.




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