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San Francisco Techies: Headaches & Computers

In a time where inventions are created everyday, we are dealing with an old problem. We enjoy the benefits of the vast internet with our ability to access information at the touch of a finger. The information is limitless. Limitless, until we have a headache. Headaches are a ┬ácommon problem. Headaches can decrease your productivity, […]

Arthritis Pain: Is it a catch 22?

Arthritic pain can be painful and prevent you from living your life. Arthritic pain is common in low back, shoulders, and knees. It can prevent people from walking, getting around the house, and driving. This kind of pain is really a catch 22. When you have it, you don’t want to move. The more you […]

Love your San Francisco Yoga Studio but don’t love the pain

Attending a yoga class can cause pain that prevents you to sticking to your yoga routine. But isn’t this why we go to yoga? To feel good, feel relaxed.. not to have pain. A friend of mine started up Bikram yoga recently. She called me to ask me how come she was having back pain […]

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