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We Are Different.

Our focus is to help you relieve pain by healing naturally from the inside out utilizing the body to feel better naturally without medications or surgery.

We take a unique approach to your health. One we feel is more comprehensive and thorough.

Research shows that our approach has proven more effective than traditional physical therapy for certain conditions.  Many clinics emphasize cookie cutter exercise programs, temporary relief machines, and heavy exercise machinery.

We do things different:

*We use integrative methods combining physical awareness with physical therapy.

* We focus with gentle manual therapy, the platinum skill of Physical Therapy. And we Love it!

*We find the root of the problem instead of chasing your pain.

*We know pain location does not always equal “the source” of pain. When we treat all the way down to source, you recover as far as You want to go, and it’s really fun.

*We are huge fans on minimal exercises and prefer to use natural movement or your own fitness routine as part of your awesome recovery.

*We integrate physical therapy with techniques, such as breathwork and mindful movement, to connect your physical therapy with physical awareness which results in accelerating your recovery and performance. And our client’s love it!!!

Traditional physical therapfocuses on therapeutic exercise and modalities such as heat packs, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation for treatment.  Although these are valuable adjuncts to treatment, when they are the focus of care, they often do not address the root of the problem.

If you have pain, and are looking for a comprehensive solution to heal naturally then we are your integrative solution, Call us.

We would Love to help!

-Karuna D. Patel, PT, CLT

Founder/Senior Physical Therapist



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