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Meditation for Pain Release

Pain Release Meditation By Karuna Patel, PT


  • Reduce pain
  • Decrease use of medications
  • Effective for arthritis pain
  • Effective for low-back pain

This class experience is created with the intention to address pain through the inner pathway. To release the pain, we will first open the idea of connecting within yourself, so that we can see the pain for what it truly is, a separate entity and identity that is a part of our body, and not who we are.

It is an experiential meditation to go inwards and that will allow the pain to release and be pain-free. This can be applied to physical or emotional pain.

Positions for meditations will be open to sitting on the floor or chair, or lying down to allow for maximal comfort. You will also leave with tools to continue on your journey until the next class.

Class format: Guided and Unguided meditation with possible Q&A at the end dependent on the present moment.

Where: Anchor Meditation on Tuesdays at 5 pm. Find more class information at Anchormeditation.com

Guided By: Our Turtle Rabbit founder and Master Physical Therapist Karuna Patel


Is meditation for you?

If you want to be more:





Productive in life

Have more cash

…then yes, Meditation is for you.


Is it hard to meditate? I can never turn my mind off.

Exactly, meditation is not about turning the mind off. It is about calming it, so you can have more of the above to enjoy in life!


Is it religion based?

Meditation is people based. What does that mean? It means it is about you. It is about how to use your breath to be a better you.

That’s about all you the info you get here. We are more about practice, then talking the talk. 🙂

So come by and experience. Guarantee you will enjoy it. Everyone who comes has loved it!


Our goal: to break it down, keep it simple, so that you can practice it.

It’s meditation for everyday people like you & me.





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