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Turtle Rabbit physical_therapy_and_wellness PHYSICAL THERAPY AND WELLNESS

Fitness Pain Relief

Ailments we treat:

Knee Pain

Back Pain

Neck Sprains

Wrist Pain

Shoulder strains

Fitness Relief is for people who go to the gym, bike, run, walk, do yoga, marathons, martial arts and personal train. These activities may cause soreness, pain, and injuries. Left unaddressed, the pain can cause further damage preventing you from doing a productive and effective workout.

Integrative Physical Therapy is the best solution for young, healthy and fit individuals. It uses the best techniques to leverage your body to heal, so that you can go back to living a fit life.

But  I thought soreness and pain are a normal part of fitness.

Not all soreness and pain are the same.

There are many types of soreness and pain, depending on the body part and the activity. If you are experiencing pain or soreness that is preventing you to continue your activity, we can help. Being experts in this field, we will distinguish the pain or soreness and help you heal faster.

Train harder, lose weight faster, or just get back to your routine, pain-free.


Stay Healthy & Keep Moving!

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