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Mommy Back, Shoulder & Neck Pain Relief

Why do I have pain?

Body pain is a very common problem after pregnancy. It can be a result of giving birth, or from the changes that occur raising a new child.  Repeatative activities such as breastfeeding, carrying the baby/toddler, bending down to pick up toys can contribute to the pain.

How do I know I have Mommy pain?

Moms have very busy schedules. If you did not have a specific injury cause the pain, then most likely you are having pain due to your busy mom lifestyle.

Some common ailments moms have are:

– Neck Pain

– Shoulder Pain

– Low Back Pain

– Sciatic Pain

I am just too busy to make an appointment.

We offer accelerated results with simple  programs that busy moms can stick to.  Our programs  need you to come in only one or two times a week for 30-45 min.  We are experts in mommy pains, and know how to get you back to being a Mom fast.

It is hard for me to find a baby sitter.

Mom’s can bring their little  loved one  with them if they are unable to leave them at home. It is important  for mom’s to feel stress free in attending their sessions, and not worry about timing and finding a sitter for their child. Just let us know that you will be bringing in your little one too!

Many clinics do not allow young children to accompany clients. But we believe this is an important part of life, and should not have to be changed. Once a mom, always a mom.





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