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San Francisco Techies: Headaches & Computers

In a time where inventions are created everyday, we are dealing with an old problem. We enjoy the benefits of the vast internet with our ability to access information at the touch of a finger. The information is limitless.

Limitless, until we have a headache. Headaches are a  common problem. Headaches can decrease your productivity, decrease focus and make you moody.

Computers are a common cause of headache.

This can be a desktop, laptop, or even an IPAD. Strain on the eyes from focusing on the screen can cause headaches.  Poor posture while sitting can also cause headaches. We do not realize that we have these habits until it is too late.

Before its too late and you have to visit the doctor or take a pill, take some preventative measures:

1. Take frequent eye breaks.  

It doesn’t count if you stop using your computer to check messages on your phone. Your eyes need a break from focusing on a screen. Clean up your desk, talk to another human, or just stand, stretch and breathe.

2. Watch the posture.

Depending on your body type, eventually your posture muscles get tired. Posture muscles are endurance muscles, not power muscles. So they will fatigue. Be aware to sit up straight and pull you shoulders back. (more to come on a future post)

3. Practice 20-20-20.

Take a break every 20 minute. Look away from the screen for 20 seconds. And focus on an object 20 feet ahead. This helps not only give the eyes a break, but resets your eyes and prevents strain.

We will be using the internet and computers for the rest of our life.  Might as well figure out how to do it without harming our precious body.


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