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Thank you from the bottom of my Heart.

We are Grateful for Your Love!!! Thank You. In honor of National Small Business Week, we want to say Thank You for making us who we are. Small businesses can be the heart of a┬ácommunity. A place where you know the people and are greeted with a smile. Businesses can also be a platform that […]

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“Fat Shame?” Here’s the Answer: Lose Weight & Go to the Gym.

Client: “My sister won’t even go see the doctor.” Me: Why not? Client: She has fat shame. With a look of horrification of what possible answers may come, I hesitantly ask “What do you mean fat shame?” Client: She doesn’t like going to the doctors because all they ever tell her is go to the […]

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Client Love Us

Karuna has taught me how to maintain my health with exercises. The program helped me to walk and improve my balance. Karuna is always smiling, professional and knowledgeable.

- Mr. Chen
Jill Payley

Karuna is an excellent therapist. She is always keeping up with the latest techniques, and her exercises are so good. She is very professional and always greets me with a smile. I recommend her highly.  

- Doris D.

I had a knee surgery 6 weeks ago. I am already walking with a cane, can do the stairs, and can bend my knee 110 degrees. Karuna is very good in explaining the exercises. She gives her full attention to my treatment. i would recommend her as she is the professional therapist I have ever […]

- Mr. Lao

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