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Finally a Life Without Knee Pain: A Client’s Viewpoint

At only 23, I have had Horrible luck with my knees. After a vacation with a ton of walking around, my previously injured right knee became very swollen and hard to bend. Being fully aware of this, I walked slowly up and down the stairs. Yet, I still tripped walking up a flight of cement stairs and fell hard directly onto the inside of my left knee. I heard a popping sound, then felt a twist or a tweak in my knee and knew instantly this was not good.

As a physiology major planning on becoming a physical therapist, I’d like to think I’m pretty knowledgeable about handling injuries. I did everything possible to stop the pain and inflammation/swelling. I iced the knee, elevated it, stayed off it, and even tried wrapping it. Nothing seemed to work and the swelling was starting to spread down my leg. With every step I took I’d grit my teeth and smile through the pain.

Then Karuna treated my knee. After one session of manual lymphedema therapy, a technique which reduces swelling  by moving the fluid causing the swelling out of the area, and a laser treatment I could feel a HUGE difference. The pressure and tightness decreased a lot and my knee hardly looked swollen at all, when hours before I could see the swelling through my pants!

Now thanks to a few more laser treatments, my left knee is completely pain free!

I know you’re thinking if I just do RICE (rest, ice and elevate) and take pain pills it will be back to normal eventually. Well this is not necessarily true. Individuals with sprains or strains commonly re-injure that same spot. This is because the muscle, tendon, or ligament never completely healed. The laser is set to a special frequency which encourages blood flow and accelerates the healing of damaged tissue. Since I walk everywhere, both stopping the pain and ensuring that the knee healed to its maximum potential were crucial to me.

If you want to get better faster and prevent future re-injury, I highly recommend the Laser Therapy Treatment Package. Easily one of the best decisions I have made.


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