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Why I believe in transparency.

Good Morning World! Yesterday I announced that the “blog” on this site would be transforming.I realized why this was so important to me. Living in Alignment with who you are is essential for living a full Magnanimously Magnificent Life that also fosters Healing.

“Blogging” just isn’t my thing. Sharing with you via a “blog”, ┬áinformation about how to run better, what to do for your back pain etc. is not what is going to get better. It’s already all over the internet. If that was the solution, wouldn’t you be healed already?

Plus that’s not my forte. My forte is when I work with my hands on you. My forte is when I see you eye to eye and listen to what is hurting. My forte is figuring out the problem, implementing a solution, and empowering you to take charge of your body.

That’s what I LOve to do.

But I also know that my words Heal. But not through “blogging”. So, being in line with “unconventional” thinking, this “blog” is going to be an extension of Karuna’s thoughts, philosophy’s of Healing, and Awesome stories of my Awesome Client’s etc.

Oh, Why do I believe in Transparency? Because Transparency Heals. It is a Must to create Trust between the health practitioner and the Client. Everything is transparent at Turtle Rabbit. How much it’s going to cost, to what we believe in works best, to who I am.

But, I just wanted to bring a little more Transparency to the Game. I guess that’s why people call me a “game-changer.” but really all I care about is getting people to heal and feel better. That is what is most important to me, and that’s why I believe in being even more Transparent through writing.

Everyone is welcome. And those who don’t want to stay… it’s only a click away to leave.

Welcome World to my Heart. <3 Karuna <3

Here is my share for the day. It’s a gratitude post, one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. ­čÖé

Rise and Shine!!!! 3 things I am grateful for today:

1. That I can connect with you here.
2. That I can connect with you by typing out words.
3. That I can connect with the world by telling my stories.

3 things I am grateful for today:
1. Healing locations
2. Healing words
3. Magnanimous Magnificent Healing

It’s really important to Live in Alignment. Ironically, my clinic’s name is Turtle Rabbit. Named after the fable. The Turtle won because he believed in himself. It didn’t really matter that he didn’t have the “skills” that seemed would have him win the race.

He took the first step because he knew he he was… And he also took the last, which was when his foot crossed the finish line and he “won”.

When I founded Turtle Rabbit, I knew Exactly how the Healing was going to happen. Everything else I had to figure out.

So with the encouragement and support of my readers on facebook, and especially my gratitude partner Andy, I am changing the way I connect with people with my words. I don’t like to call it “blogging”. I am no writer. Perhaps that’s why it was so stressful to “blog”.

I just want to share with the world about healing, my inspirational clients, and my own sparkly thoughts that I have.
Now, I know this is unusual for a “business” “blog” and website.

But I remind myself, my results aren’t the usual either. Neither is the name Turtle Rabbit. And neither were the turtle’s odds.

I always lead with Heart. Always with LOve. And it has Always led me to where I need to go.

Grateful for facebook because this is where I started.

Here’s my first step to even more transparency! Cuz LOve is Awesome!

What are you grateful for today?


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