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In-Office Physical Therapy

Hello There! We’re happy you are searching for an option for pain relief and to get better and move more during this shelter in place time. Your health is more important than ever.

We are alive, kicking, and open! You can come in for an in-office visit Or do a video visit from the safety and comfort of your home. With 23 years of experience, either way, we can help you feel better.

Option 1: In-Office Visits

We have private rooms and your interaction will be with the PT only. All our admin staff works from home. All appointments are gapped to ensure one client is in the office at all times. You are definitely treated like Royalty with the whole place to yourself!

We also take extra steps with masks, gloves, alcohol sprays, and hand sanitizer for your safety and peace of mind.

We look forward to helping you through this extended Shelter In Place period. There are options and you don’t have to suffer from the pain with the shelter in place. This is one of the most crucial times we need to be taking care of ourselves.

Call us and let’s talk!

Option 2: Video Visits (Telehealth PT)

Video visits are simple and easy to do with us, so don’t worry if you are not tech-savvy. We will walk you through it.

Video therapy sessions are for our clients who would prefer to be in the comfort of their home. If you are having pain from new fitness routines, recovering from surgery, or injured yourself this is a great option.

With 23 years of experience our founder and physical therapist, Karuna, will design your bespoke home program to give you optimal recovery from your pain.

For more details give us a call.

A little more about how Physical Therapy is an Awesome option for pain relief and feeling better!

Physical Therapy helps one become pain-free and moving again, without medications and surgery. At Turtle Rabbit, we offer the platinum standard of physical therapy, the extensive manual therapy techniques that are specific to the field of physical therapy. Our specialty is in Integrative Physical Therapy, providing deeper, faster recovery using the body to heal naturally.

Our healing model’s central belief is that your body has a magnificent ability to heal naturally. Occasionally, as you may be experiencing now, it needs a little assistance.

We also take physical therapy one step further by incorporating the mind, body, and spirit; integrating front-line research to amplify healing resulting in faster and better results.

Although 23 years in practice, Karuna continues to grow and learn attending conferences all over the world to bring innovative science and technology techniques to her clients.

We are as integrative as One can get. 🙂

We believe in empowering our Clients; teaching them to tap into their body and not be dependent on physical therapy.

Each of our clients will walk away knowing how to listen to their body, make better decisions outside of therapy on what to do to alleviate the pain and become a partner rather than a passive patient in their journey.

That being said, our healing model does not focus on strengthening and conditioning exercises as the primary mode of healing. Rather, at the right time of your healing phase, you will be given scientific exercises that incorporate rebuilding the foundation of the total use of your body dynamically.

We also specialize in instilling your normal activities such a walking, hiking, yoga, rock climbing, running etc. as part of your recovery and rehabilitation. It is incorporated at the right time in your healing phase. Research shows that your body is more responsive to strengthening and recovery in this method.

With a partnership of physical therapy and your will, there is great potential to heal and recover back to your performance level.

We look forward to meeting you! If you have further questions or would like to book an appointment, call us! We would Love to talk. 415.492.3937


The Turtle Rabbit Team

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