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How to Select a Mattress to Alleviate Your Back Pain

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The holidays are all finished! You got gifts for everyone else, but did you get a nice gift for yourself?

We tend to focus on everyone else but ourself. But this is the time to also be compassionate towards ourself, and take care of the one who takes care of others.

If you’ve had or are having back pain, a new mattress could make a huge difference. Why? Because we spend 7-8hours at a time every night on them. But most importantly, it is a time when our muscles are relaxed and our bodies heal. It is a prime time when our bodies recooperate, and a bad mattress negates everything your body is trying to do.

Now, choosing the right mattress is important.

Here’s where to start:

back pain

There are three important qualities of a mattress that affects sleep comfort:

Mattress Supportability

Mattress Conformability

Mattress Firmness

Mattress Supportability refers to keeping your body on a level plane. If a mattress allows for some parts of the body to be lower than others, there is uneven pressure. Although a mattress might initially have a favorable supportability, the quality might fade away and sagging results. This sagging puts your back in an awkward position and reinforces misalignment of the spine. So first look at how it supports the body when you are lying on it, and then see if it still feels the same after 15 min.

Mattress Conformability is the ability of a mattress to conform to the shape of your body. A mattress that offers good conformability is one that adapts to your body’s structure so that your entire body is given equal support. Lack of conformability causes gaps in the support which leads to unequal pressure. If one part of the body, say the spine, is put in a stressful and unnatural position, back discomfort and pain are inevitable.

Also, Mattress firmness takes into account both supportability and conformability and results in a mattress’ degree of firmness.  There are so many different types of firmness now in the industry. The general ones are soft, firm, and hard. Firmness has to be decided by you. If you know you like soft comfortable beds. Go try them out. The best way to tell if the firmness is right for you is to know it feels good when you ly down on it. It’s really that simple.

Today, we just went over the basics of how to pick the right mattress. I will be breaking down the 3 factors in future posts to help you select the right bed. Yes, it is that important. And no, it doesn’t have to be an expensive bed. It just has to meet the 3 criteria above that is right for you.

Get in on those holiday discounts!

Happy Mattress shopping!


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